Aushruto – Whisper to Survive lyrics

Whisper to Survive song by Aushruto Band :

Whisper to Survive is the 6th track of Aushruto’s solo album Nirban.Whisper to Survive Song lyrics By Shimon.

  • Song: Whisper to Survive
  • Vocal: Shimon
  • Lyric: Shimon
  • Band: Aushruto

Whisper to Survive song lyrics in English:

I have been walking

Through the ocean to find

Out new way

But my eyes are covered

With the sin.

Trueness are crying and

Honesty are shouting to say

I was inside of you like a


I can′t find where you now

I’m into the jail of lies,

Yeah, I want to really


I don′t want to fail

Hey! Give me the touch

Give me the feel

Like the herb makes us


One more time make me

To feel

Now, I want to live

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I want to breath

I want to fly

I want to sing

I want to cry into real.

I lost the way in the forest of

Darkness so bad

And my feet’s are tied with

Black hand

Memories are seeking and

Moments are calling so loud

But I have lost my power to


I can’t move on

My breath is going down,

I wanna live

And I′ll say what I believe.

My heart′s burning in the

Fire of lost dreams

And my soul is going slowly

To the world of vague

But I was like you and my

Way was so clean

Now I am falling to the end.

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