Hallucination Lyrics – Doorstep Band

Hallucination Song By Doorstep Band:

Song : Hallucination


Vocal : Nasim

Lyrics & Tune : Nasim

Composition : Shourav Kanti Roy & Hasibuzzaman Raivy 

Mix & Master : Tinu Rashid (Producer)

Studio : Studio Basement

Hallucination Song Lyrics In English:

Prevailed by the darkness 

Your own existence 

Losing your all courage 

Could destroy yourself 

Given curse on you 

Have made your habit

Trying to look around

But, there’s no one behind you!

You are trying to doing feel that 

You are lost on Hallucination

But, in an imagination 

You are infinity than desire !! 

By social disgrace 

You are depressed

You should have to back 

To your own path 

# Don’t give up 

   find way to begin once again 

  Don’t give up 

   find way to begin once again 

  Don’t give up 

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   find way to begin once again

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