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INSANE Lyrics – Zakilove Ft. Critical :
‘INSANE’ is the latest Bangla Rap Song 2020 sung by ‘Zakilove’ Ft. ‘Critical’. The music video is directed by Zayed Bin Akram & produced by Samir aka. The song was released at ‘Bongo BOOM’ official youtube channel on July 13th, 2020.

I got a reason to shine, thats why im shining
Look up in the sky, just like the lightning yeahh
I hav been climbing the top hil for so long
People thik im the fool but its making me the strongest
Strong!! Like the superman
So I can fly really high, really high into the sky
I’ll never stop ma rapping, ill never stop my learning
I was just preparing myself, so I can up burning
Ma war of chilling is laying on the beach
Sipping in mango juice, chomping on chips
Checking all the girls in bikini
Can anybody serve me a glas of martini
With a teeny weeny cherry on the top
Life in the luxury party non stop
Rapping here and there in the streets of dhaka thats my style mammaaahh
And thats my they call me zaki the rapper!!
I am insane
I am insane
I am insane
Aye yaoo
Cri cri cri critical
Aye yao zaki bhai
You know what!
Jo batashe ghure na chorki
Proyojone apon jon mare polti
Positive geet ekhn chole na amar ki
Bhai brother ring master joker gula bondi
Poira lungi bangalir swag
Sinay sentu genji backup a half pant
Pora ck te seal mara bhaen gari brand
Joro oggato murubbir ohhato geyan
Baja jorse areh baja bajare git
Kalachundpur theika pura mohollay hit
Dekhi bhitore shodorghaat bahire fit
Buka! Patthor er bari te bhange na eet
Dhape dhap milamu takdir khape khap
Amar gola diya ja bah hoy shobi to obhishap. Je jah!
Dari palla haat ey dui paye daray asi ami eka
Dekhi tora koto lalented parle tui dhoira dekha
Shabdhan khele na kono lyrical game
Karon jana nai, kare koy grammatical insane
Jutto shob! Useless brains!
Aghate ahoto hoile pore don’t complain!
Ya ya…Ya ya…Ya ya 
I am insane
Ya ya…Ya ya…Ya ya
I am insane
Ya ya…Ya ya…Ya ya
I am insane
Ya ya…Ya ya…Ya ya
Song Details:
  • Song: INSANE (Lyric)
  • Singer: Zakilove 
  • Featuring: Critical
  • Producer: Samir aka
  • Director: Zayed Bin Akram
  • Music Label: Bongo BOOM
  • Released Date: July 13th, 2020.
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