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Petty Never Grew – Signal Lyrics ||

Signal Song By Petty Never Grew:

Signal is the third song from Petty Never Grew’s debut full length, The Pink Album.

Song Info-

  • Released under the label of The Mothership Records on March 1, 2019
  • Artwork by Faruq Reza Mitul
  • Recorded at Acoustic Artz
  • Lyric by Tilok Adnan
  • Band: Petty Never Grew
  • Album: the pink
  • Sung by Tilok Adnan and Rushmian Wadud
  • Produced, mixed and mastered by Rakat Zami at The Forge
  • Music written and composed by Petty Never Grew

Signal Song lyrics By Petty Never Grew:

How did they make it in the age of letters 

When a day or two delay is putting fetters on our conquest?

It’s been over a month since i heard a word

And i’m starting to think that you don’t quite exist.

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I’m doing nothing but testing my patience

And my heart is racing lesser and lesser each day.

The day is my friend and the night is a brightly-lit hallway

That never really quite seems to end. 


I held out too long

I held on too long 

I hold it off 

I hold back 


I’ve been waiting for a signal 

I’ve been waiting for a sign 

A blank call would suffice 

A blank text is just fine 


And with every day that breaks

I move closer to uncertainty 

Can you blame me?


Take it as you please

Communication made us obsolete

Closer to the screen 

I try to hold the stitches at the seams

We fray away in modern fashion

We’re pushing buttons

Until we crash and we fray away


(Can you hear me?)

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