Shudhu Shudhu Dhore Enechhe ( শুধু শুধু ধরে এনেছে ) lyrics – Kaaktaal Band

Shudhu Shudhu Dhore Enechhe Song By Kaaktaal Band:

People from our huge family get married too. 

This is one one of the many bright moments in the celebration process. 

Our dear Tonmoy and Protiti got married by the Meghna River 

and as our journies are closely connected to rivers, we couldn’t help but celebrate it in “kaaktaal” way. 

Although we did feel like “শুধু শুধু ধরে এনেছে “.

Kaaktaal is a collaborative musical effort of songs that came to life as a necessity for living, 

to handle or cope with difficult situations that require channeling all the negative emotions into something beautiful.

We call them “need based songs”.

Whoever can connect with the songs become a part of the family.

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  • Song: শুধু শুধু ধরে এনেছে
  • Lyric and tune: সানাউল কবির সিদ্দিকী 
  • Voice and guitars: Aia Lemonsky
  • Other Voices: Papia, Taiara,Katha,Fahim, Alex, Doito, Prithy, Kamrul Nahied,Thongpre
  • Flute Composition: NaZm Anwr
  • Percs: Aabir Khalid and Fahmid Emdad Khan
  • Absent: Protiti, Tonmoy, Kowshik, Arafat,Tanzina,Adrita,Dibarah,Nuzhat.
  • Behind the camera: Fatima Nujhat Quaderi

Shudhu Shudhu Dhore Enechhe Song Lyrics In Bengali:

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