Anarchy lyrics – Overlord

Anarchy lyrics – Overlord:

OVERLORD is a Melodic Death Metal sextet from Bangladesh.ANARCHY is our 5th track from our debut album ‘RESURGENCE OF THE OBSTINATE KIND’.Next track RESURGENCE to be out on 28th November 2019.Guest Solo by Joey Concepcion (Solo Artist, The Absence, Armageddon, Sanctuary, Jasta and more)

  • Song: Anarchy
  • Album: Resurgence Of The Obstinate Kind
  • Band: Overlord
  • Lyrics By Priyotosh Das
  • Mixed and Mastered at Studio Chanachur by Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo
  • Album Artwork by Raiyan Momen
  • Band logo made by Uzzair K. Xion (Arcane Designs), & Bondhon Das (Das)
  • Animation and video editing by Imran Khan (Echo Studios)


  • SIZAN – Vocals
  • PRIYOTOSH – Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • ZARIF – Guitars
  • EMON – Drums
  • FRAHIM – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • KANAK – Keyboards
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Anarchy song lyrics in English:





Fuck them all!

Eradicate their filthy existence

Redeem your silent ignorance

Immerse yourself


Behind the dark veil

they sneak at you (sneak at you)

enslaving your mind

twisting your thoughts

stealing your rights

they laugh at you

playing your lives, they’re the

merchants of death 

Hour of salvation is here


They are the, impostors

In cowardice they hide

Strike now as the time is right

Together, we do or die

We are one, the others

Bringers of thy peace

We fight for what is ours

For freedom and honour we bleed.

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