Prophecy lyrics – Overlord

Prophecy lyrics – Overlord:

Prophecy” is the final track from our debut album ‘Resurgence of the Obstinate Kind‘.Prophecy Song Lyrics By PriyotoSh Das.

  • Song: Prophecy
  • Band: Overlord
  • Lyrics: Priyotosh Das
  • DOP: Sayed Himu
  • Cinematography assist: Amirul Shakil
  • Visual effects: Tashhid Abdullah
  • Video editing: Studio Chanachur & Zarif Chowdhury
  • Direction: Zarif Chowdhury
  • Mixing and Mastering: Studio Chanachur
  • Designs and Artworks: Raiyan Momen
  • Merchandise and distribution partner: Heavy Metal T-Shirt
  • Online distribution: ME Label
  • Promotional Partner: Heavy Metal Lyrics N Meme Hub
  • Radio Partner: Radio Carnival

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Prophecy Song Lyrics In English:


Now is the time

Hear the war cry

the countdown has begun

unleash your wrath.

1st verse:

Vicious, malicious

Fangs of 

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Upon you 

We’re on the run

Savage, mean ravage

Army of 

chaos & hatred 


Disorder for new order 

Humans enslaved 

By horrors 

minds are encaged

Dictated by hatred

Bringers of 

Death surrounds us

across borders.

2nd verse:

This is the battle foretold

Now is the time

This is the glory behold

Now you will hear the cry.


We are here, we are one

Our glorious time has come

Why should humanity be sacrificed?

Why should we give up without a fight?

Our innocence is the price we’re paying

We must stop their sick powerplay

Mankind might lose their existence

If we don’t fight with our resistance.

2nd verse:

This is the battle foretold

Now is the time

This is the glory behold

Now you will hear the cry


They are feeding on us 

Like a fucking disease

That runs in our blood

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To bring us down in our knees

Synthetic mannerism

Behind the corporate veils

That wants to mess with your head

By planting evil seeds.

Chorus 2:

The threat is now imminent

Consequence of our ignorance

We can’t let nuclear warfare to be true

Destroy this prophecy

They planned to make it true

For only humanity shall prevail.

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