DESOLATION lyrics – Overlord

Desolation Song By Overlord Band:

OVERLORD is a Melodic Death Metal sextet from Bangladesh.
DESOLATION is our 3rd track from our debut album ‘RESURGENCE OF THE OBSTINATE KIND’. 
Next track RESPAWN to be out on 14th November 2019.
  • Song: Desolation
  • Band: Overlord
  • Lyrics By Priyotosh Das
  • Mixed and Mastered at Studio Chanachur by Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo
  • Album Artwork by Raiyan Momen
  • Band logo made by Uzzair K. Xion (Arcane Designs), & Bondhon Das (Das)
  • Animation and video editing by Imran Khan (Echo Studios)
  • Guest Solo by – Maruf Ahmed Saami
  • SIZAN – Vocals
  • PRIYOTOSH – Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • ZARIF – Guitars
  • EMON – Drums
  • FRAHIM – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • KANAK – Keyboards

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Desolation Song lyrics in English:

Evil moonshine that swarms upon the moor
Rays soaking in the darkness
The mist is calling in the cold and eerie plateau
Seeping an unholy existence
Curse of the eye
Behold and beyond
Killing in the name of honor
Victims of us
Marked down to death
For there shall be no more qualm
Feeding injustice
Silence tries to speak
Numbed by the forces
Forged by unforeseen
Claws of the deadly
The vicious disease
Wings spread across
The naïve humanity
Away from the truth
How far can you go?
Sound of the calling
The Sound of your soul
Entwined in darkness
In form of light
Spark the inner lightning
Embrace depth inside
Eyes of deceit
Are always watching you
You don’t need to run
You can never hide
For you’ve confined
Yourself to your thoughts
You’re so consumed
Oblivious and immersed
Bound in your soul shackles
Bounded by lies
Which layered and layered upon thyself
Shadows dance in the void
Fangs of slithering terror
Smear the sanity surface
Shadows lurk in dark veil
Ravenous insatiable greed
The venom is stricken deep
Submerged and Subliminal
Engraved imminent desolation
Away from the truth
How far can you go?
Sound of the calling
Sound of your soul
Entwined in darkness
In form of light
Fate is infected
Desolate, demise

Overlord- desolation Official Video:

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