Spawn lyrics – Overlord

Spawn lyrics – Overlord:

This is our first track. We are a Melodic Death Metal band from Bangladesh. This track has been released in the mixed album named ‘THE SINGLES‘ by G-Series in 2015 which was coordinated by Shahriar Nabi Orchi.

  • Song: Spawn
  • Band: Overlord
  • Recorded at: Rev-Ola Music & Records
  • Mixed and Mastered by: Russell Skillwarz


  • SIZAN – Vocals
  • PRIYOTOSH – Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • ZARIF – Guitars
  • EMON – Drums
  • FRAHIM – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • KANAK – Keyboards

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Spawn Song lyrics In English:


Of a new dawn
Rolling tears softly smear.

1st verse:

Lashes of the venomous whip
Swing over suffering bodies
Trampled by smothering feet
Feet that knows not of pain
Knows not of misery
Knows not of the fire.

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2nd verse:

The silence buried deep
Rising with the thunder
The lightning unforeseen
Rolling tears softly smear
Searing grains pushing with a rising force
Pushing the knees that touchdown with agony
Scattered stains speak out of the burning skin.


Stand on your feet tonight
Let the flames ignite
Break the walls
Rage ! Rise ! Scream ! Defy !
Stand on your feet tonight
Let the flames ignite
Live before you
Die ! Rise ! Scream ! Defy !

3rd verse:

Screams of the drifting souls

Blackened over time
Rays of the scorching sun
Shine over the surface
Shine with the power
The call of the tormented
The cry of the enraged eyes
Every drop of tears
Seek for the right
Embark on a new journey.

4th verse:

Thrust away the oppressor
The shadow of the dark
Embracing fists burn with the fire
The raging inferno
Exterminate, Despise
Dust now gazes at blaze of glory.

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Chorus (a bit changed):

Stand on your feet tonight
Let the flame ignite
Break the walls
Rage ! Rise ! Scream ! Defy !
Why can’t you see the cry?
In search of the light
How long shall we
Cry ! Die ! Fight ! Deny !

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