Conspiracy Lyrics – Overlord

Conspiracy Lyrics – Overlord:

OVERLORD is a Melodic Death Metal sextet from Bangladesh.

CONSPIRACY is our 2nd track from our debut album “RESURGENCE OF THE OBSTINATE KIND“.Next track DESOLATION to be out on 7th November 2019.

  • Song: Conspiracy
  • Lyrics By Priyotosh Das
  • Mixed and Mastered at Studio Chanachur by Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo
  • Album Artwork by Raiyan Momen
  • Band logo made by Uzzair K. Xion (Arcane Designs), & Bondhon Das (Das)
  • Animation and video editing by Imran Khan (Echo Studios)


  • SIZAN – Vocals
  • PRIYOTOSH – Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • ZARIF – Guitars
  • EMON – Drums
  • FRAHIM – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • KANAK – Keyboards

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Facebook Page: Overlord.Bd

Soundcloud: Overlord- Bangladesh

Reverbnation: Overlord9

Conspiracy Lyrics In English:

1st verse:



Trapped in despair

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Persecuted in a darkened lair

Taking away my soul

Erasing my defiant self

Beneath the abhorrent face

Unfolds a tyrannical beast.

2nd verse:



Confined in an abysmal realm


Stay asleep

Submit to the darkness at helm

They live

We die

Draped in a fleshblood shell.

3rd verse:

They weave lies

While you sleep

While you smile

When your dreams walk across nigh surface

Trails of hope are washed away

Monetized in silent immolation

Scratched by

Morbid claws of malevolence


Spellbound in a void

Labyrinth of self made kind

Have we all, sold ourselves?

Have we all, lost conscience?

Your soul is not for sale

Your heart is not so frail

Subjugate the tormenting hand

Brotherhood of humanity withstand.

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